Department of Bio-Chemistry


Biochemistry serves as the backbone of modern medicine and advances in biochemistry have revolutionized our understanding of life. Our department excels in imparting clinically relevant knowledge of biochemistry to future medical doctors. The department is fully equipped with teaching aids and laboratory facilities and follows an efficient teaching methodology which includes formal lectures, small group sessions and practical classes. The teaching staff is groomed to take up the challenging academic assignments set up by the head of department. Student participation is encouraged to make the sessions interactive and productive. Hand-on training in diagnostic biochemistry (renal function tests, liver function tests, cardiac profile, blood glucose, bone markers and urinalysis) is also provided to students. A comprehensive schedule of tests and a university standard send-up examination form the basis of performance evaluation and provide rigorous examination drill to the students.


The teaching and ancillary staff at the department of biochemistry is wholeheartedly committed to teach the subject in the best possible way. Dean CPMC and college administration has extended complete support to us in our academic and research ventures and we are always striving to achieve our goals and set higher ones as challenges for the future. The department is headed by Associate Professor Dr. Syed Imran Ali Shah (MBBS, PLAB, M. Phil, DIC, Ph.D.) who graduated from King Edward Medical University, did M. Phil from University of Health Sciences and then completed his Ph.D. from the prestigious Imperial College London. He also holds several local and international certifications. He has over 10 years of medical teaching experience and has been awarded many international honours for his accomplishments, including participation in Nobel Laureates Meeting (Germany), Research fellowship (Japan), Commonwealth scholarship (UK) and Royal reception by Queen Elizabeth to name a few. He has authored 40+ research publications in renowned high impact factor journals and presented at leading conferences in the USA and Europe. He has a keen interest in research, sports and other co-curricular activities. He is currently a member of the college research committee and presides over the college cricket and music clubs. He also holds the vice-president offices of the college sports, arts and literary societies. Dr. Hasan Akbar Khan, Assistant Professor (MBBS, MPhil), is a seasoned academician with several research papers published in renowned scientific journals. His areas of expertise include glycomics, lipomics and signal transduction. Dr. Sana Sarmad, Assistant Professor (MBBS,MPhil), is a young and motivated teacher with special interest in molecular biology and endocrinology. The professorial staff is well supported by the demonstrators all of whom possess relevant teaching experience and/or postgraduate qualifications.


Establishment of research on firm grounds is a hallmark step of the department and we have shown excellent progress in this matter. Inter-departmental collaboration and student participation in these endeavours is highly encouraged. Recent key publications: 1. Shah SIA. Systemic non-reproductive effects of sex hormones in adult males and females. (Submitted) 2. Shah SIA, Ghani M. Prostate cancer: Early changes in bone metabolism and serum sex hormones in androgen deprivation therapy. Professional Med J 2017. 3. Shah SIA. An update on the risk factors for prostate cancer. World Can Res J 2016. 4. Shah SIA, Minhas U, Khan HA. Trace minerals and heavy metals: implications in prostate cancer. World Can Res J 2015. 5. Shah SIA, Ahmad M. Medical studentsí anxiety on beginning clinical studies. Al Ameen J Med Sci 2013. 6. Hashmi MA, Ahsan B, Shah SIA, Khan IU. Antioxidant capacity and lipid peroxidation product in pulmonary tuberculosis. Al Ameen J Med Sci 2012. 7. Shah SIA, Ahmad M, Mahmood U. Biochemical update on selenium. Rawal Med J 2010. Ongoing projects: 1. Glycemic control and sleep quality in type 2 diabetes mellitus. 2. Self-esteem, anxiety and depression in young men with hair loss. 3. Subjective happiness and academic procrastination among medical students. 4. Study of the knowledge, perceptions and practice of standard precautions among healthcare workers. 5. A study of procrastination and narcissism in medical students 6. Reasons for medical studentís disinterest in lectures: Student and teacher perspectives (Collaborative project with CPMC Pathology department) 7. Anxiety and stammering: Cause and effect

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